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A privately held Canadian Corporation with two key focuses of research

In 2018, Point 3 Biotech started researching and extracting full spectrum terpenes to create scientifically-designed formulations to harness their power and benefits. 

We provide customizable terpene concentrates in bulk to Licensed Producers (LP’s) and processors. Our partners can create unique and proprietary vape, oil, and edible products by selecting all-natural flavouring and adding their cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) while amplifying the desired properties of cannabis; which is referred to as the “entourage effect.”

Over two decades of experience using cutting-edge technology to produce Astaxanthin (a complex terpene) from a fresh water microalgae strain enables us to provide innovative terpene formulations. Our high-quality formulations can be consistently duplicated using proven scientific methodologies and come with industry-standard documentation (CoA and SDS). 

About Us

Point 3 Biotech is a privately held Canadian Corp founded by James Irwin and Frank Dionisi in July 2018. The company’s current main areas of research are terpenes and zero-waste agriculture.

Our work in anaerobic digestion (AD) has also shown us how specific compounds like terpenes can positively affect the microbial communities in our gut. The knowledge gained in both fields will lead to further research on the microbiome.