Bulk Terpene Concentrates

The science community now well understands that terpenes drive the effect of cannabis.

Many cannabis users still rely on the labelling of “Indica,” “Sativa,” or “Hybrid” to try to target or influence the interaction of cannabis that they are trying to achieve. Research has shown this is an outdated ideology that is not backed by science. It’s the terpenes in cannabis that accentuate the specific response. Furthermore, the diversity and range of the bioactive compounds found in full spectrum terpenes do not exist in terpene ‘isolates’ produced just from single botanical sources. Thus, an individual can get much better results with cannabis when taken with the right blend of full spectrum terpenes.

Given the years of research we have conducted on terpenes, Point 3 Biotech can provide LP’s full spectrum terpene formulations to complement their vape and oil products containing cannabinoids like THC and CBD. With the addition of our all-natural flavouring agents, LP’s can create unique tasting products that better deliver the desired response. Moreover, using science, all our formulations can be perfectly duplicated batch-after-batch to ensure a very consistent product.

We can also take our customizable full spectrum terpene formulations to another level by replicating a particular strain’s terpene profiles.


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