4Spots Topical


A topical scientifically designed to help skin spots and lesions.


Topical with scientifically designed terpene blend to help your skin.

Our OnPoint Terpene Infused Emu Oil Topical contains full spectrum Hops terpenes with an additional 25 botanical terpenes in the same ratios found in our farmed hemp. We then add other terpenes that have been shown to help skin spots and lesions. Our topical creams are very effective on their own. However, adding up to 1 gram of quality CBD oil to our 60ml container can increase the effectiveness even more.

Some of the key terpenes include:

  • A-Bisabolol has been shown to reduce pro-inflammatory cytokine production and ameliorates skin inflammation.  Studies have also shown that A-Bisabolol in the Topical Treatment aids Chronic Venous Leg Ulcers.
  • A-Pinene in a topical application has been shown to exhibit significant anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects against nociceptive stimulus-induced inflammatory infiltrates.
  • Presently, our results have shown that A-Pinene could be a valuable component for the therapy of melanoma, given its great potential to induce apoptosis on cancer cells.
  • Geraniol A study on the uptake of active compounds trans-dermally found that Geraniol increased uptake by 20 fold
  • Terpinolene Used as a penetration enhancing compound and anti-cancer features


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