Immunity Pack


A bundle of 4Sleep, 4Chill and 4Imminity formulations.

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Terpenes improve the body’s defence potential by activating immune cell pathways. Your immune system is prepared to rapidly and effectively respond to microbial intruders in your body.
Other key factors to help strengthen your immunity system are:

  • Sleep – A good night’s sleep is also critical in helping the body’s Immunity systems.  ‘Emerging evidence suggests that chronic sleep loss may be a more serious problem for the immune system.’ (910)
  • Reduce Chronic Stress – Though occasional, acute stress can be helpful and protective, chronic stress can harm your immune system and should be controlled as much as possible. (11)
  • Reduce Inflammation – Chronic inflammation places your body on high alert all the time. It tells your immune system that it needs help always, diminishing its ability to respond to new intruders. Simply put, it wears your immune system down. (12). Besides reducing inflammation, a recent study has been published stating the potential beneficial effects of Astaxanthin on COVID-19 and other respiratory disorders (13).

With this in mind, we bundled 4Sleep and 4Chill with our 4Immunity formulation.


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